Trauma-informed care is one of many effective approaches to drug treatment and there is no denying the integral role that trauma plays in the lives of people who struggle with addiction. In fact, 60% of adults report experiencing abuse during their childhood and 26% of children will witness or experience a traumatic event before they reach the age of four. What does this have to do with drug addiction? Today’s blog is all about drawing the connection between trauma and addiction.

A Trauma-Informed Care Approach to Drug Rehab

According to the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study), “For each traumatic event that happened to a child they were two to four times more likely to grow up to be an addicted adult.” When you also consider that more than 50% of adults say that they experienced trauma or abuse as a child, the relationship between trauma and addiction becomes a lot clearer.

What Constitutes Trauma?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), trauma results from an event, series of events or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being. A traumatic experience can be a single event, a series of events and/or a chronic condition, e.g., childhood neglect or domestic violence. Trauma frequently produces a sense of fear, vulnerability and helplessness.

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Many individuals with a substance addiction also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or experience lingering effects from a past trauma. Trauma-informed counseling at The Discovery House helps patients develop coping skills to help them heal from their traumatic experiences. This counseling approach also teaches patients behavioral techniques to help them manage their trauma symptoms and prevent a relapse.

Utilizing a Trauma-Informed Approach to Drug Treatment

Since every case of substance abuse varies there is no one treatment modality that will be effective for everyone. What their drug of choice is, how severe their addiction is, and whether they suffer from any co-occurring mental health disorders should all be taken into account when tailoring a program specific to the needs of the person who is addicted. Here at The Discovery House, we utilize only the most effective treatment therapies.

We strongly believe it is important for a drug addiction treatment center to utilize evidence-based approaches in their programs and here at The Discovery House, it’s something we are proud to implement. If you or someone you love could benefit from addiction treatment, call us today at (855) 203-7930 for more information about our services. Each individual at The Discovery House receives customized care to end their addiction to prescription drugs, heroin, and other opiates in order to live a fulfilling substance-free life.

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