We’re betting that you have noticed our new look here on our website. Now, we know that no one really enjoys a change. In fact, as humans, we possess a natural aversion to change at all points in our lives. It doesn’t feel natural and it disrupts your relationships, responsibilities, and your life. However, when a change is good it can be so good.

This change, in particular, was a long time coming. Our old website was very much in need of a makeover not just aesthetically but for the sake of functionality. It was chock-full of great information that was formulated to help you and your loved ones through difficult times. As the years passed, it got to be more than a little bit disorganized. Ultimately, we want you to be able to find exactly the information you need when you come visit us online and that was our top priority when designing our new look.

We kept it clean, sleek, yet informative this time around. We have a lot of the same features but updated them to function better. You can now:

Request a Call

If you need to speak with someone about either yourself or a loved one’s addiction but it’s just not a good time you can simply choose a time that works best for you, leave your number, and we will give you a call then.

Verify Your Insurance

Not sure if your insurance will cover the treatment that you need? Fill out our form to let us know a bit about your insurance policy to kickstart the process.

View Our Facilities

Heading to treatment is an experience that can be made much less stressful when you have an idea of what your surroundings will be when you get there. Take a look through our residential facility gallery on the homepage.

Check Out Our Recovery Blog

All of your questions about treatment, recovery, and everything in between are answered on our blog, About Recovery. We update our blog every week with recovery tips, advice for the addict and their loved ones, and updates from The Discovery House family.

We’re still the same TDH you know and love, just with a new look. We are going to be building our website out and adding even more helpful features for you over the next few months. We’d love to know what you think and if you have any feedback on how we can make our online home even better, please let us know.