If you or your loved one are suffering from a debilitating addiction that has affected your life and family and if you are ready to begin an amazing new life you might want to consider The Discovery House inpatient rehab located in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab for Your Loved One

We offer a variety of services to our residents and a variety of different treatments for various addictions; some of which include alcohol rehab as well as both inpatient rehab centers and outpatient rehab. The benefits of inpatient rehab is there is structure. While the residents’ home life may have become a chaotic mess due to addiction, we offer a complete range of services to aid you in your recovery. At this facility, you have to check in.

Checking in means physically being at the facility in order to do so. It’s not just ‘checking in’ and someone monitoring your every move, but it’s a host of other activities that go on day to day on schedule and they do vary from facility to facility, but here at The Discovery House the inpatient resident can also expect random drug testing to aid them in their recovery. Our facilities are designed to be ‘like home’ with beautiful rooms in a serene setting. Many residents need to be removed from their family in order to begin their recovery.

For the resident, inpatient rehab services include therapy services; our inpatient behavioral health services team consists of inpatient group psychotherapy. The benefits of group therapy are other people sharing experiences and everyone benefiting from the sharing their stories. While there is some initial resistance which is normal, eventually a bond is formed between group members and if there are problems they are dealt with by a team leader who is experienced in leading groups and conflict resolution and there are family services available since family dynamic issues need to be addressed as a whole if the resident is to succeed a sober life.

Mental Health Services are available to assist people in their journey via emotional support for not only you but sometimes your family member too. The length of stay can vary from 90 days to 28 days depending on the individual. All of these services to our inpatient residents are available to our inpatient residents.

Some of the benefits of outpatient rehab have continued support while living outside the facility, it also costs less than inpatient rehab care, you do not have expensive overhead, rent and paying for meals that they provide. Those who choose outpatient rehab sometimes have work to consider and the outpatient program will allow them to continue with their daily lives and still participate in some of the rehab facilities.