The extraordinary quality of living a program of recovery is deciding on a God of your understanding, with no end to the varieties of belief possible. Many men and women find they have been trying to live without God, having surrendered to drugs and alcohol finding themselves powerless to control their drinking and using. The essence of recovery lies in developing a new spiritual and moral path and finding a God or power stronger than addiction.

Those who fail to enlarge their life spiritually, who minimize the importance of enhancing their moral character will typically find themselves returning to old behaviors. Changing behavior and thinking requires the belief that it’s necessary to do so; someone who enjoys junk food wouldn’t give it up without the sincere understanding it would be better for their health.

Addiction disrupts so many aspects of an individual’s life, and as a result, the sorts of changes and challenges confronted by getting sober will test physically, emotionally and spiritually. In many situations there will not always be a clear explanation, providing direction or motivation to change and grow. Aside from all the support and help from friends and family, therapists and doctors, at some point a person in recovery will have to accept on their own, an inner strength and source for the willingness, insight, and direction to continue one day at a time.

The distinctive moral principals in recovery permit thinking of God as a Power rather than a Person (although you can think of God in whatever way works!). Power is unseen like electricity or radio waves or may be thought of as gravitation. Spiritual Power can be felt but not seen, and a God of your understanding can be experienced in gratitude, trust, and love.

In what ways has an established personal relationship with a higher power changed your life for the better? What advice do you have for the addict who is still struggling with this?