Understanding the various drug addiction treatment methods will allow you to see that there is more than one way for you to get your life on track. Further, it shows that not everyone benefits from the same method. Learning about what is offered at drug treatment centers in Los Angeles will make it easier for you to see which one is right for you – and it all starts with a drug addiction treatment evaluation.

5 Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Drug Detox

Detoxification is one of the drug treatment methods that are commonly in drug treatment centers. These may or may not involve medications that help to urge the system of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances. It is often considered one of the steps inside of drug treatment programs so that you can focus on the rest of the treatment that is coming your way.

Behavioral Counseling

There are many drug treatment methods, and behavioral counseling is perhaps one of the most common. A counselor or psychologist will sit down with you for the person who is suffering from addiction and talk about what is going on. There may be various behaviors that are coming out as a result of the addiction – or the addiction may be stemming from certain behaviors. Curbing one’s overall psychology can help to stay away from negative behavior in order to lead a more positive lifestyle.


The drug treatment of alcoholism and drugs are a little different, though there are various medications that can be used to help with overall drug treatment. A drug treatment hotline can help to determine whether medication may help based upon what you are currently addicted to, such as opioids, tobacco, or alcohol.

Evaluation and Drug Addiction Treatment

Of the drug treatment modalities, evaluation and drug addiction treatment is perhaps one of the most common. This is going to focus on the mental health aspect that may be behind the addiction, which can include anxiety and/or depression. There are a lot of drug treatment articles that talk about the different ways that a drug treatment center can provide evaluation and how the treatment can vary from person to person. This is also one of the drug treatment alternatives to prison because the court system knows that the person will get the help to clean up their life.

Inpatient Drug Treatment

When it comes to drug treatment, luxury options are available. Often, in-patient drug treatment instead of incarceration is offered by the court system. If they know that a person is going to get the help that they need from drug treatment centers, they are willing to make this offer. The drug addiction treatment itself can vary from center to center but will include a customized program for you. It may include counseling, one-on-one counseling, as well as various seminars that focus on clean eating and maintaining a clean lifestyle.